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Hillsboro’s aluminum truck beds are known for their superior durability, design, style, payload and towing capacity. When you are using one of our aluminum flatbeds, you can rest easy, knowing that what you see is what you get. Hillsboro is the only manufacturer on the market to test its aluminum beds to SAE towing standards. The maximum payload and towing capacities on our aluminum truck beds are accurate and honest, according to SAE.


The hardest-working aluminum beds on the market

Switch to Hillsboro’s aluminum truck beds to rid your pickup box or old steel flatbed of rust. With built-in corrosion resistance, your aluminum truck bed requires less maintenance and fewer costly repairs than a standard steel pickup box. Hillsboro Industries aluminum flatbeds for pickups look good without paint, and they are designed to provide industry-leading durability. Choose between our single rear-wheel, dual rear-wheel, short-bed, long-bed and cab-chassis pickup options to find the right aluminum truck bed for your needs.


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Aluminum Truckbeds
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Aluminum Truckbeds

Our aluminum truck beds are precision-engineered to secure the greatest loads and improve fuel economy. Choose from a range of sizes and top-notch features designed to meet all your hauling needs.

Hillsboro aluminum truck beds are carefully manufactured for seamless loading, unloading and transporting. Our high-strength aluminum extruded floors are built to last and can be customized to fit any unit.

Featuring impressive corrosion resistance, industry-leading durability, and eye-catching designs, these heavy-duty truck beds are the ultimate choice for all your hauling requirements.


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Hillsboro Industries is a manufacturer of aluminum stock trailers and cargo trailers, aluminum truck beds and steel truck beds. Our trusted dealer network spans more than 100 independent dealerships across the United States and Canada.
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