Become a Trailer Dealer by Partnering with a Leading Flatbed Trailer Manufacturer

As a leading flatbed manufacturer, Hillsboro Industries prides itself on delivering an unmatched experience for our dealer partners. Our products feature the superior engineering of a major factory, but our team of experienced trailer manufacturers are rooted in small-business values. Need to ask a question about a recent order? Give us a call. During regular business hours, you can expect to talk to a real person, every time. If we miss you, we’ll call you back. It seems like a simple promise, but we believe it makes a big difference.


Wondering if Hillsboro’s line is a good fit for your business?

  1. Are you looking to increase profitability?
  2. Are you searching for excellent trailer dealership opportunities?
  3. Do your customers expect quality and value for their money?
  4. Do you want to know how to become a trailer dealer and carry lines backed by industry-leading warranties?
  5. Do you have a gap in your lineup when it comes to premium features and factory options?
  6. Are you looking for a vendor that offers dealer support like floor-plan financing and customer financing resources?
  7. Do you want to partner with a vendor who is customer-centric and offers regional exclusivity?

Our commitment to our dealer partners is second only to our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry. We believe in building phenomenal products and supporting our dealers to the best of our ability. Here are a couple of ways we deliver on that promise:

We build for durability

Hillsboro Industries is dedicated to building long-lasting trailers and truck beds at competitive prices. Our commitment to quality control ensures that dealers receive an amazing product every time, resulting in fewer warranty claims for you and reliable trailers and truck beds for your customers. Our design makes our products easy to install, but they look so good that they’ll quickly catch the eyes of prospective customers.

We offer comprehensive dealer resources

As a dealer, you don’t need to use your own cash or capital on our truck beds. We offer floorplan services for our dealers and financing options for your customers. We set up networks between our dealers so they can trade inventory as needed, increasing your access to the trailer or truck bed your customer wants.

We help generate demand

Hillsboro Industries invests in trade show events and digital marketing to capture buyers who are researching or considering buying trailers and truck beds, driving new customer opportunities to our authorized dealers. As a dealer, you’ll enjoy comprehensive sales materials to help you and your team educate your customers and promote the quality and benefits of Hillsboro product lines.

We never leave our dealers hanging

Our representatives at Hillsboro Industries work to be on a first-name basis with our dealers. When you call, we will answer, and usually, we will even recognize you by your voice. Our business development managers provide personal, one-on-one support and trailer franchise opportunities, visiting dealers on the road and helping represent Hillsboro at their shows. Become a utility trailer dealer with Hillsboro and receive valuable support from us every step of the way.



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