Stock Box

About the Hillsboro Stock Box

Stock Box

The Hillsboro Stock Box offers the same durability as our popular Endura livestock trailers but in a compact size. Stick your livestock box in the back of your truck bed to easily transport a couple of animals without having to break out your trailer. Or fit it in the back of your ATV to reach rough terrain. Like our Endura series, our stock box is built for convenience, offering features to make your loading and cleaning a snap.


Size 1 Size 2
Width 44″ 48″
Length 60″ 72″
Interior Partition(s) 1 2
Compartments 2 3

Standard equipment features

The Hillsboro stock box is carefully crafted for cool, comfortable, and safe storage. From dynamic air slats to flawless interiors and durable double-wall construction, the stock box is equipped with unique features built to maximize aesthetics, convenience, and security.

Double-wall construction

Reduce the number of unsightly dents on your box and keep its exterior gleaming after years of tough use. 

Smooth interior walls

Easily channel waste out of your stock box with our smooth interior.

Plexiglass-ready air spaces

Give your livestock some room to breathe through spacious air slats.

Slam latch

Prevent your livestock from accidentally opening any gates during transport with a safety slam latch.

Factory Options

While the Hillsboro stock box already includes excellent standard features, feel free to customize yours further. Browse our assortment of factory options designed to optimize performance and meet your unique hauling requirements.


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