SLT Steel Truck Bed

About the SLT Steel Truck Bed

The Hillsboro SLT Steel Truck Bed offers rugged construction and superior quality with features designed to add convenience to your daily activities. Backed by a two-year warranty, this truck bed will be with you for the long haul. Hillsboro is the only manufacturer on the market to test its steel truck beds to SAE towing standards, so when you purchase one of our beds, know that our listed payload and towing capacities are honest and authentic.


Single Rear Wheel Short Bed Long Bed Cab Chassis
Dimensions 7.0’W x 7.0’L 7.0’W x 8.5’L 7.0’W x 9.33’L
Weight 575 lbs 645 lbs 665 lbs
Cab-Axle 37″ – 42″ 56″ – 58″ 60″
Frame Width 38″ 38″ or 42″ 34″
Part # 73600 73601 73602

Dual Rear Wheel Long Bed Cab Chassis Cab Chassis
Dimensions 8.0’W x 8.5’L 8.0’W x 9.33’L 8.0W x 11.33’L
Weight 810 lbs 842 lbs 952 lbs
Cab-Axle 56″ – 58″ 60″ 84″
Frame Width 38″ or 42″ 34″ 34″
Part # 73621 73622 73624


LED Lights

Signal to your neighbors on the road using six stop, turn & tail lights, four backup lights and LED clearance and side-marker lights.

Epoxy Primer and Black Polyurethane Paint

Improve your bed’s service life while providing enhanced aesthetics.

Headache Rack with 1 ¼” Square Tube Louvers

Transport large items while keeping yourself, your passengers and other drivers safe.

Steel Floor Plate

Prevent skidding with our strong steel floor plate.

3” Structural Channel Long Sills

Adjust these sills to a 34”, 38” or 42” frame.

Tie Rail with Stake Pockets and Rope Ties

Secure your loads quickly and easily.

26K Gooseneck Ball Plate with Flush Mount Cover

Pull a trailer with no difficulties using our gooseneck trailer hitch.

Dual Tag Lights

Stay visible, no matter the angle or direction.

Sealed Wiring Harness

Avoid the dangers of wire damage using our installed harness with plug-in connections.

Factory Options

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