Endura Aluminum Cargo Trailer

About the Endura Aluminum Cargo Trailer

Design a trailer that is right for your business with the customizable Endura cargo trailer from Hillsboro Industries. Choose between straight-hitch and gooseneck models and a range of height and width options, and position your windows, entry doors and interior partitions in your ideal location. With Hillsboro’s unique double-wall aluminum construction and smooth exterior, you can easily add paint or graphic applications to show off your company.


Endura Cargo Trailer Straight-Hitch Gooseneck
Floor length: 14′ to 28′ (2′ increments) 16′ to 34′ (2′ increments)
Inside height 6’6″ | 7’2″ | 7’10” 6’6″ | 7’2″ | 7’10”
Inside width: 7′ | 8’2″ 7′ | 8’2″
Door Dimensions: 35” x 64 ¾” sealed walk-in door 35” x 64 ¾” sealed walk-in door


Dexter Axles

Get repairs without losing time or sleep thanks to the nationwide part availability offered by top-rated Dexter axles.

Double Rear Doors

Know that your trailer is as air-tight as possible with double rear doors.

Sealed Walk-In Side Door

Enjoy convenient access with a spacious sealed side door.

2 LED Interior Lights

Check on your cargo at any time of day by flipping an accessible wall switch.

Double-Wall Construction

Ensure long-lasting durability on your trailer with the exclusive Endura double-wall aluminum construction.

Rivet-Free Exterior

Customize your trailer in virtually limitless possibilities thanks to a smooth, rivet-free exterior.

Smooth Interior Walls

A smooth, frameless interior makes for easy clean-up.

Automotive-Grade Wiring Harness

Avoid the dangers of wire damage with our automotive-grade wiring harness.

Spare Tire & Wheel

Endura trailers come standard with a spare tire and steel wheel.

Factory Options

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