Endura Aluminum Livestock Trailers

About the Endura Aluminum Livestock Trailer

Aluminum Stock Trailers

Hillsboro’s Endura model was the first aluminum stock trailer on the market offering a smooth double-walled construction to ensure your exterior is as beautiful as it is strong. Hillsboro Industries bonds our horizontal tubes together with high-performance structural adhesives that exceed the power of conventional stake-sided
aluminum cattle trailers. With fewer welds, the aluminum doesn’t lose any of its strength, allowing your bumper pull livestock trailer to tow more across longer distances. Plus, your animals experience a more gentle transport without abrasive interior uprights.


Endura Livestock Straight-Hitch Gooseneck
Length: 14′ | 16′ | 18′ 16′ to 34′ (2′ increments)
Widths: 7′ 7′ | 7’6″ | 8’2″
Inside heights: 6’8″ | 7’4″ 6’8″ | 7’4″
Material: Aluminum Aluminum

Standard equipment features

Aluminum gooseneck livestock trailers by Hillsboro Industries are designed to meet the rugged demands of loading and transporting your livestock. From double-wall construction to slip-resistant floors, our stock trailers are equipped with superior features for increased strength, versatility, and durability.

Dexter Axles

Get repairs without losing time or sleep thanks to the nationwide part availability offered by Dexter axles.

Double-Wall Construction

Reduce the number of unsightly dents on your trailer and keep your exterior gleaming after years of tough use.

Smooth Interior Walls

Channel waste out of your trailer with our frameless, smooth interior walls and floor extrusions.

Rotary Slam Latch

Slam latch with internal release makes loading livestock safer.

Heavy-Duty Hinges

Protect your load by leveraging heavy-duty hinges welded onto the rear of your trailer.

Sliding Rear Gate

Operate easily and effortlessly on any terrain with a sliding rear gate operating on rubber rollers.

Heavy-duty rear frame

Industry-leading rear frame with reinforced upper corners, 8-inch weld-on hinges and rotary slam-latch.

Slip-Resistant Floors

Make livestock-loading a breeze with Endura’s slip-resistant flooring surface.

Spare Tire & Wheel

Endura trailers come standard with a spare tire and steel wheel.

Factory Options

Elevate your Hillsboro livestock trailer and meet your exact loading and hauling needs. These excellent factory options can help maximize performance and give you the confidence to travel in a range of weather conditions.


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