3500 Series Aluminum Truck Bed

About the 3500 Series Aluminum Truck Bed

Leading the industry in durability, the Hillsboro 3500 Series Aluminum Bed includes features to prevent damage on every part of your truck, right down to your wiring and toolboxes. Our extruded floors offer more than double the strength of traditional sheet floors to help you carry your heaviest loads with ease. Backed by a three-year warranty, this Hillsboro bed will stand up to the worst of your day-to-day transport. Choose between an array of sizes and weights to find the best fit for your Ram, Ford or GM truck.


Single – Short Bed Ford RAM GM
Dimensions: 81″W x 86″L 81″W x 86″L 81″W x 86″L
Weight: 730 lbs 730 lbs 730 lbs
Cab-Axle: 40″ 37″ 42″
Frame Width: 38″ 42″ 42″
Part #: 77404 77403 77405

Single – Long Bed Ford/GM RAM
Dimensions: 81″W x 102″L 81″W x 102″L
Weight: 855 lbs 855 lbs
Cab-Axle: 56″ 58″
Frame Width: 34″ 42″
Part #: 77406 77408

Dual – Long Bed Ford/GM RAM
Dimensions: 96″W x 102″L 96″W x 102″L
Weight: 925 lbs 925 lbs
Cab-Axle: 56″ 58″
Frame Width: 42″ 42″
Part #: 77416 77413

Single – Cab Chassis Ford/GM/RAM
Dimensions: 81″W x 112″L
Weight: 890 lbs
Cab-Axle: 60″
Frame Width: 34″
Part #: 77407

Dual – Cab Chassis Ford / RAM Ford / RAM GM GM
Dimensions: 96″W x 112″L 96″W x 136″L 90″W x 112″L 90″W x 136″L
Weight: 965 lbs 1120 lbs 945 lbs 1098 lbs
Cab-Axle: 60″ 84″ 60 84
Frame Width: 34″ 34″ 34″ 34
Part #: 77417 77418 77412 77409


Aluminum extruded floor

Do your worst to your bed because this high-strength aluminum extruded floor is built to last.

Heavy-duty 6”-tall extruded rubrail

Prevent unnecessary road damage on your trailer.

Adjustable-height headache rack with square tube louvers

Modify your rack to better protect your passengers.

4” x 2” tube steel long stills

Adjust these sills to a 34”, 38” or 42” frame.

Treadbrite tailboard

Turn heads as you drive down the road with this stylish addition.

LED lights

Signal to your neighbors on the road using six stop, turn & tail lights, four backup lights and LED clearance and side-marker lights.

Sealed wiring harness

Avoid the dangers of wire damage using our installed harness with plug-in connections.

Tapered rear with step

Receive better clearance for towing and easier access to your bed.

Tapered front on 96” wide dual-wheel beds

Lead with a more aerodynamic and attractive front.

25K receiver hitch with 2 ½” tube

Safely tow a heavy load with this Hillsboro hitch.

30K gooseneck ball plate with flush mount cover and 2 5/16” 30k ball

Pull a trailer with no difficulties using our gooseneck trailer hitch.

3″ aluminum I-beam extrusion crossmembers

Gain more strength than formed crossmembers.

Storage compartments

Supersize your typical truck compartment for more usable storage space.

Toolboxes with EPDM closed-cell foam seal

Keep tools safe from the elements with our weather-resistant seals and 0.125-thickness aluminum build.

3” extruded tie rail with stake pockets

Secure your cargo with our tie rail and stake pockets.

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