About Us

Hillsboro Industries is a leading manufacturer of trailers and truck beds based in Hillsboro, Kansas. A dependable, Kansas-based manufacturing employer and partner to more than 100 dealers across North America, Hillsboro provides the quality products of a large factory while maintaining the core values and personal touch of a small business. In the last decade, Hillsboro has nearly quadrupled our business, and we continue to stand out in the industry for our unmatched commitment to innovative engineering and quality products.

Half a Century of Industry-First Engineering

Hillsboro Industries began in 1968 with two entrepreneurs from Hillsboro, Kansas and a line of spring-tooth harrows and drill hitches. They then expanded to producing flatbed trailers and hydraulic-dump grain trailers, quickly earning a reputation for quality, durability and value in all products.

Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, Hillsboro Industries continued to grow, expanding facilities and developing products with industry-first features. Since then, Hillsboro has stayed on the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry by continually finding innovative ways to serve our audience. When a new challenge arises, Hillsboro is ready with a reliable solution.

Our engineering staff stays busy behind the scenes, working tirelessly to improve existing lines and introduce high-quality products with industry-first features. In the past decade, Hillsboro has perfected our best-selling lines of aluminum trailers, expanded our recreational offerings into utility and car-hauler trailers, and designed an industry-leading double-wall aluminum extrusion for our products.

True to our roots, our customers still know our products by their superior quality, durability and value. And for Hillsboro Industries, this is only the beginning.