Hillsboro Open Car-Hauler Trailer

Hillsboro’s aluminum flat-deck car haulers ensure your precious vehicles stay in pristine condition during transport. With our open design, loading is quick and painless, and our all-aluminum structure gives you a strong, aerodynamic platform that you will be proud to showcase anywhere. Hillsboro car-haulers are so versatile that you can even haul mowers, ATVs, UTVs and other equipment with simple side-loading.



A trailer as show-stopping as your vehicle

Give your car the stage it deserves with Hillsboro’s open car-hauler trailers. Find the right solution for your needs by choosing between a 3500-lb or 5200-lb axle for your aluminum trailer. Take your open trailer to a car show or down to the track, and expect a smooth transport thanks to our anti-rattle ramp compartments and drop-down rear stabilizer jacks. Our back- and side-loading car-hauler trailers will stand out at any event for their looks, quality and durability.


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